10 Minute Serene Garden

Hello Stampers ~

Well I met the guy at the house yesterday and he took some measurements for the glass doors.  He says it is a normal size fireplace so the price should come down some.  I am crossing my fingers for that one.  After he left, I decided to do a walk through.  My granite has been installed in the bathrooms and the kitchen.  The sinks have also been installed.  Most of my recessed lights have been added.  I went for a square recessed light for a different look.  The shower has been tiled and grouted so it is done.  I went upstairs to my studio and that is when I discovered a major issue.  I am having a split zone ceiling air handler installed for the heating and cooling.  I saw this at the house I toured and asked the builder about it.  Well they had installed a wall unit.  I was not happy.  I have an e-mail in to the builder to find out why there was a change made and why I was not consulted on the change.  We will see how it turns out.  Here are some pictures of the things they have completed now.



































I had a real challenge this week for my One Color Wonder.  I chose Basic Black last week.  The saving grace was that I got the Serene Garden stamp set.  I knew I could create a great card with this stamp set and having to use Basic Black.  Check out my video showing how I created the card.




Here is the photo of this beautiful card.

Monochromatic handmade card ideas are a great way to make a quick card. Learn more about this card on my blog.



















inside of card and envelope

Monochromatic handmade card ideas are a great way to make a quick card. Learn more about this card on my blog.












Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation



Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I inspired you.  I am so hoping there will be no more issues with the house but until I get the keys I am thinking that won’t be true.  Have a Wonderful Wednesday and don’t you agree that the 10 Minute Serene Garden is a very elegant card?




  1. Betty Ann Murphy

    Great pictures of the house interior! So exciting.

    Love the card. Really pretty in its simplicity.

    • Thanks Betty Ann! It hit me yesterday that I have 2 weeks and have to be out of the apartment. Will be in a hotel if the house is not ready. Hopefully that won’t happen!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Since joining SUDSOL I have been so inspired by watching and learning from you. Can’t wait to give this a try – unfortunately, at my age, I find myself need Sympathy cards and this design is perfect. Happy MOVING (if that’s possible??!!??)

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