Another late post

Evening Ladies!

I had so hoped to have my post ready this morning but I ran into a little trouble not to mention Zoie was too cute not so spend time with.

Speaking of Zoie, here is the photo I took last night.  Warning this is a cuteness alert!

Isn’t she soooooo cute!!!!!!!  She is such a delight and spent a lot of time last night staring at my ceiling fans and talking to me.  We had a lot of fun!

Okay on to the Scrapbook Sunday share.  I worked on the inserts for Michaela’s San Fran scrapbook.  Since it was made out of a paper bag, you have the space inside the bag for a photo mat.  Here are the ones I created.

all 3 mats

front of mat 1

back of mat 1

front of mat 2

back of mat 2

front of mat 3

back of mat 3

I have only made 3 paper bag pages so far.  If I need more pages I will add them.  These mats will allow her to add 6 photos.  Hope you enjoyed my share even if it was late.

Thanks for looking and have a Sensational Sunday evening!


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