Colorful Seasons Clean and Simple

Happy Wednesday Ladies ~ a quick card with the Colorful Seasons Clean and Simple idea.

Well I got my bathrooms cleaned and some errands run but did not get into my craft room.  I had a make up workshop and then someone wanted to see the house.  It is never ending when you are trying to sell your house.  I have a lot of people looking and I am hoping that I will get an offer soon.  It would be nice to see an end in sight and make plans for my new house. Cross your fingers for me!  I don’t have any plans for today so I am planning on spending some time in my craft room today.  Time will tell as I often don’t get notice of showing until an hour before.  Does not make it easy for crafting as I have to be conscious of how I clean my stamps.

Are you ready for another One Color Wonder?  I hope you are enjoying this series and that you have gotten some ideas from all the cards I have shared.  Here is the Colorful Seasons Clean and Simple.




Want to see all the details of the card?  Check out the photo below to see a good picture.














inside of card and envelope









Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation


Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I inspired you.  This card could easily be recreated in any color.  The sentiment can be matched to the reason you are sending the card.  So many options!  Have a Wonderful Wednesday and can you image yourself in the scene I created in my Colorful Seasons Clean and Simple card?


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