Convention Pillow Gifts – air freshener and foot soak

Hello Stampers!

I thought I would share 2 of my pillow gifts I made for my friends at Convention.  It is tradition when you go to convention to make a small gift for your roommates.  None of us roomed with anyone but since we are all quite close we decided to make pillow gifts for each other. 

The ladies in our group are all very talented.  I was not certain what I was going to make for pillow gifts.  I decided to so some thinking about what kinds of issues we had in the past.  Several of the girls bring their own room air fresheners as they hate the smell of hotel rooms.  I ran across a recipe to make your own gel air freshener using essential oils.  I thought that would be a great gift for the first day!

Another thing I thought about is how tired our feet were after a long day of walking.  I found a recipe for a soothing foot soak and knew it would be perfect for day 2.

Now that I had 2 ideas I had to think of a way to package it.  I did not want to use glass as it is heavy and could break.  I searched the internet and found some great plastic jars with nice lids.  I purchased 2 different sizes – 6 oz. for the air freshener and 8 oz for the foot soak.  Here is how I packaged them up to give to the ladies.

I had asked each lady their favorite color so my gifts for each of them were in their favorite colors.  You will see when I share more pillow gifts how they all coordinated.  Thanks for looking and have a Terrific Tuesday!



  1. They are realy cute! Great Idea.

  2. You were "right on" with these gifts. My feet ached, were swollen, and screamed at me to get off them. A nice soothing soak each night with your wonderful gift was something I really, really, looked forward to. Thank you so much.

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