Cute Little Trucks

Good Morning Everyone ~ I am working on some small gifts and I just had to share these Cute Little Truck with you!

Well I got bad news yesterday.  I went into Best Buy to verify that my printer heads need to be replaced.  The guy confirmed it.  When I asked about the price he said I would be better off getting a new printer.  I was not happy to hear that.  I went over and just started looking was I amazed at the price.  The one that is a newer model of the one I have was only $130 and if I turn in my old one they will give me 15% off that.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I have not bought a printer in several years so I was expecting a couple hundred.  I will be checking them out and trying to decide which one to get.

I saw some cute truck Rachel Tessman shared.  She had a video/tutuorial showing how to make them so I decided to make them also.  I made one for my UPS driver, one for my mail person, and one for Zoie’s bus driver.  I plan on filling it with some cookies and I got some gift cards from Starbucks to put in each one.  The directions were easy to follow and I worked on all 3 at the same time.  Here are my trucks.

Aren”t they adorable!  The UPS and the Post Office symbol were the ones I was trying to print in color when I discovered my printer would not print in color.  Jess printed them for me on her computer so I could finish them up.  Now to fill them and give them to the recipients!

Thanks for visiting me today.  I have an appointment today and then I have a workshop tonight.  I hope to have some time today to organize my Project Life cards!  Have a Terrific Tuesday and you should make some of these Cute Little Trucks for you delivery people.


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