Fast and Fabulous Stampin’ Up Bouquet Bunch

Happy Friday Everyone ~ my adorable Fast and Fabulous Stampin’ Up Bouquet Bunch is my share for today.

Well I met with the builder yesterday and solved the HVAC unit placement issue.  They had put it right in the middle of all my storage space which isn’t a lot.  I told him it was unacceptable and it needed to be moved.  He came up with the solution to build a platform between the trusses to set it on.  The HVAC guys were not happy as it meant it would not be convenient for them but I did not pay money to have a door installed and storage added to make it convenient for them.  Then I talked to the lighting guy and we solved a few problems and I found a few spots he had forgotten.  After that the internet and TV guys came and we talked about placement for the TV’s and internet equipment.  It was a busy morning with a lot of decisions.  The Central Vac guy is coming on Saturday and I want to meet him and talk about a few things.  After that I don’t think I have any other decisions to make for at least a week.  I took some time to walk around the house to see the size of my lawn and look at the house up close.  It is very exciting!

Today is my Fast & Fabulous video series.  I really like how the circle is the central element for the flowers on this card.  It really helps them stand out.  Here is my Fast and Fabulous Stampin’ Up Bouquet Bunch video.




Here is the photo so you can see all the details.



















inside of card and envelope












Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation



Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I inspired you.  I have a busy day today since I did not get any time to work yesterday.  I am hoping to work on my next online course and a couple of projects I am doing with Costa.  Have a Fabulous Friday and what do you think of my circle element on my Fast and Fabulous Stampin’ Up Bouquet Bunch creation.



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