Monochromatic Daisy Lane

Hello Everyone ~ wait until you see my Monochromatic Daisy Lane creation.

Well I got everything on my list accomplished yesterday.  I was on the go the whole day.  I was hoping my cushions would have been finished so I could have picked them up.  When I called they had not been stuffed.  So I will be getting them today.  The timing will be interesting.  I figured I would call when they open at 7:30 am and see if they are done.  If they are I will run over and get them before I go to water aerobics.  After water aerobics we are taking one of the ladies to lunch for her birthday.  She wants Mexican so we will go to the newer one.  After that the interior decorator will be here. I am curious to see what she recommends for my furniture arrangement.  Barb and I set it up by playing around.  She may leave it or change it, I will let you know.   Then I just need to wait until my guest shows up.  She thinks she will be here around 6:00 pm.  I will make chicken salad for lunches and make our dinner after I am finished with the interior decorator.

My One Color Wonder series is today.  This week I got Daisy Lane and Pineapple Punch.  This was a challenge as the Pineapple Punch is pretty bright.  Here is the video showing how I created my Monochromatic Daisy Lane creation.




Here is the photo so you can see those cute daisies up close.

Aren't these daisies so pretty? They almost look real. Click the photo to see the video showing how I created my Monochromatic Daisy Lane creation.



















inside of card and envelope

Daisies are my favorite flower. If you like daisies also don't miss my Monochromatic Daisy Lane creation. Click the picture.












Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation


Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I inspired you.  I will need to have a few days of down time and visiting after the past few days.  I am looking forward to a slower pace.  Have a Wonderful Wednesday and what other color would you use to C.A.S.E. my Monochromatic Daisy Lane card?


  1. Daisies are my favorite and I love what you did with this. Thanks so much for always sharing such cute cards.

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