My daughter’s invite

Good Morning Ladies!

Wow did you notice the date – 1/11/11!  All ones!  I find instances like this so interesting.  The next time this will happen is in November.

I spent the weekend working on my daughter’s baby shower invites.  I had 30 to make so I did them assembly line fashion.

I sent her 2 different designs and she chose the baby onsie design.  Since she is having a little girl we went with pink.  She also wanted a butterfly on it since she is going to use butterflies in the nursery.  I also ran across a onsie pattern from Donna at Butternut Sage Designs where she used ribbon to create a ruffle across the bottom in the back.  My daughter loved the idea so even though my design is different from Donna’s I added the ruffle to mine.  Here is the final card.

back of card

I have a busy day on Tuesday unless we get the snow.  I will try to have a post for tomorrow but not sure if I will have the time.  Thanks for looking and have a Terrific Tuesday!


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  1. Very cute card Robbie. I like the ruffle on the back as well. happy baby shower. Sandy

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