One Color Wonder Tangerine Tango

Good Morning Everyone ~ ready for a One Color Wonder Tangerine Tango card?

Yesterday was so frustrating for me.  I had gotten a new adapter for my microphone as it would not work in my iPhone 7.  I had to make a video for today so I decided to try it out.  I created my entire video and when I downloaded it and went about editing it there was no sound.  I was so upset.  So I decided to do a voice over.  I have never done one as I don’t like them.  There was a real learning curve with this.   Needless to say it took me several hours – time I did not have.  There were issues with the voice over as I wanted to shorten the video.  You did not need to see me cutting 3 circles and a few other tasks in creating the card.  When I split the video and sped it up the video got all messed up.  So I decided to shorten the sound.  When I did that it did not match the video.  I was becoming more and more frustrated.  I decided to delete the voice over and start again.  This time I had my sections I wanted sped up already marked so I could do the voice over and just not talk during that time.  I finally got it finished and now it was time to upload it to my external hard drive.  Since my computer is almost full storage wise this takes a while.  So I set it up and let it go.  It was finally uploaded so I could then save it to You Tube.  As you can see this is a rather labor intensive task.  I think it is longer with the issues with my computer.  So I hope this is ok as I could not tell how it was going to upload.  In telling Jess about my trials today it hit me to check and the mic and I then realized I had never turned the mic on.  DUH!  Here is the video.




Just in case you can’t tell from the video here is the completed creation.












inside of card and envelope











Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation


Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I inspired you.  I hope the video was okay.  The funny part is that I have a post-it note that even says to turn the mic on.  Missed that one.  Have a Wonderful Wednesday and this was a fun One Color Wonder Tangerine Tango creation.



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