Stampin’ Up This Little Piggy Happy

Happy Friday Everyone ~ are you ready for a cute Stampin’ Up This Little Piggy Happy kid’s card?

Well I had a busy day yesterday.  I went to the yard sale and picked up a few puzzles and some books.  I came home and had my conference call.  then I took off for the post office, the builder, and the flooring store.  After that I came home and worked on the treats for Zoie and Remi’s boxes.  I want to mail them out on Monday as there is chocolate in them and the less time they spend sitting in a building the better.  I also got an ironing board.  I had picked up an dorm type board and it was not working for me so I decided to just get a regular board.  I have 6 more months before the house is done so I knew I would need it.  I will doing some ironing today.  I also have a play date for Bijou to see how she does with another dog.  I am hoping it works out if not I have another person who can keep her but she cannot do the October weekend.  It will be interesting to see how she does with another small dog.  Wish me luck!

Are you ready for another Fast & Fabulous creation?  This one is number 38 in the series.  If you have not seen the others check out my You Tube channel and look at the playlists.  Here is today’s video for the Stampin’ Up This Little Piggy Happy creation.




Here is the photo of the card so you can see how it is set up.



















inside of card and envelope











Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation


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