Watercolor Circles Zany Zebra’s

Hello Everyone ~ a bright Watercolor Circles Zany Zebra’s idea is the card for today.

I got my floors wet mopped yesterday.  I had several other things going on so I did it in stages.  I also vacuumed my rugs.  It was good to clean them and while I dust mop them 3 times a week it was nice to clean up any of the dirt and grime that builds up just from traffic.

Today I am going to do some dusting.  After that I need to make a card for a post I have coming up.  Then I think I will play some cards with Barb.  We are both having a bit of claustrophobia being in the house so much.  Are you struggling?  I find I do better when I have time to play in my studio.  I will be doing some playing tomorrow as I start working on some ideas for next month!

Last night I made frozen peach yogurt.  It was really good and I shared it with Barb and Doug.  I love peach ice cream so this was a good alternative.  I think this will be a flavor I will be making again!

I recently received the Zany Zebras stamp set.  I got this as I knew it would be a good one to make cards for the kids.  These little guys are so cute and so fun to play with.  A few weeks ago I had some time to play with some watercolor ideas I saw online and wanted to try.  I made a bunch of panels and set them aside to dry. I knew I would get back to them sooner or later.  I pulled out one of the panels I created and use it for this fun Watercolor Circles Zany Zebras.  To add some fun to this card I use a wobble to the back of the zebra so when you flick it, it rocks back and forth.  Here is the this cute card.

Check out this adorable Watercolor Circles Zany Zebras card. It is super easy to make and what kid wouldn't love to get this in the mail?


















Isn't this little zebra so cute? He makes an adorable card. Click through to get the details for the Watercolor Circles Zany Zebras card.










Here are some other ideas for kids cards.


Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation

With the new changes to the ordering process, the site I use for my icons is still working on the process. I have created a cart with all the items in it. Click the photo below to be taken to the cart where you can choose the items you would like to purchase.










Thanks for visiting me today and I hope I inspired you.  I am hoping my dusting doesn’t take too long as I really want to work on my project before I play cards.  Have a Terrific Tuesday and  isn’t the Watercolor Circles Zany Zebras the perfect card for kids?




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