Card Purse Tutorial

Warning, this will be a long post as it is a tutorial and there are a lot of steps!

Well this is my first tutorial so I will be interested in hearing what you think. Please leave a comment, but be kind as I am new at this.

I needed a container to put some cards in that I was giving as a gift. Since card purses are all the rage right now I thought it would be cute. I went searching for a larger one as I had eight 4.25 x 5.5 cards and I had only seen the smaller ones for 3 x 3’s. I could not find directions for one so I decided to attempt to make my own. When I posted my first purse here a friend (Hi Sandy!) suggested I write a tutorial. I decided to use her idea and take pictures when I made my second one. This one has a different flap from the first one, so I will give directions for the rounded top but so not have pictures as I did not take them.
I gave this gift set to the lady on Monday and she loved it. She was amazed I had made everything. Here is the set and the tutorial for you.

To make the purse base

Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 6 1/2″ x 10″.

Score at 2″ on 3 sides (Since the measurement was too long for a 12″ x 12″ piece of paper you will need to use 8 1/2″ x 11″. You can somewhat see my score lines in the picture.).
Fold on scored lines.

Cut up 2″ (on score lines) on bottom of paper (this forms the bottom of the purse – refer to picture to see cutting).

Put sticky tape on sides of bottom flap and edges of cut section (the white strips in the photo is the sticky strip).
Put 1 base together by folding flaps in and adhering it to the base. (I pulled the tape off the flap and lined it up than stuck it down. Then I pulled tape off of base and adhered it to base. This was easiest for me.)

This will give you 2 bases each missing 1 side.

Put sticky tape on all inside edges (see photo) for 1 HALF B OX.

Put sticky tape around outside edges (see photo) for THE OTHER HALF BOX.

You will now join the 2 half boxes to make one completed box like in the picture. I found it easier to pull the tape off of the bottom only of the box that had tape around OUTSIDE EDGE. I could then stick this down fairly easy. I used a ruler to help push the tape down. Now you can pull the tap off the 2 sides of the inside of the box.

Repeat this same procedure with the sticky tape around the INSIDE EDGE of the box. Go over all edges with the ruler to help ensure a good stick. This forms the box for your cards.

To make the flat top flap for your purse

Cut a piece of cardstock 5 1/4″ x 6″.

Score on short side at 1″ and again at 3″.

Use decorative edge on one 6″ side if you want (be careful and do the correct side so your finished top will fit your box – speaking from experience here as the first one I did I completed wrong).
Apply sticky tape to edges as in picture to attach your patterned paper (Note – if you are using patterned cardstock that is heavy enough you do not need to apply the sticky strip but still need to score. I did not have heavy black and white cardstock so I was using patterned paper and needed the cardstock for strength. If you are not using paper you can skip the next step).
Cut patterned paper 4 5/8″ x 6 (this leaves space for border punch to show through). Score on short side at 1″ and again at 3″. Apply sticky strip to one 6″ edge opposite the one that was scored at 1″. Attach to cardstock top by removing the backing of the sticky tape on cardstock and putting paper on top. Once it is secure you can remove the backing of the sticky tape on the patterned paper to attach this edge to the cardstock. Fold on scored lines.

Note: You are going to attach the strap next. I found it easier to attach the strap before attaching the top since you are using brads to help hold the strap in place.

Cut a piece of cardstock 1 1/4″ x 10″.
Cut patterned paper 3/4″ x 10″.
Cut ribbon 10″.
Use sticky tape to layer the 3. I only put sticky strip at each end of ribbon and had to go back and add more as when you attached handle and it bent the ribbon separated from the other papers.

Score 1″ in at each end of handle.

Apply sticky strip to back side of each end of handle.

Attach handle to middle of the top between the 1″ and 3″ score lines matching edges. Use mat pack and piercer to attach brad to each end near score line going through all layers to provide more support.
Apply patterned paper on underside to hide brad prongs (you can see this in the next picture).
Apply sticky strip to 6″ edge where you scored it at 1″ as well as close to the 1″ score line. Attach top to box. I found it easier to attach the bottom strip first then remove the backing of the other strip and attach it.
Use piercer to attach 4 brads spaced out across the back (refer to picture to see my brad placement. This provided more support so the top does not pull away from the box.
Apply patterned paper using sticky strip to hide brad prongs (refer to picture to see this).
Make medallion to enable closure of top (I used scalloped circle punch, 1 3/8″ and 1 1/4″ circle punches to make mine).
Apply sticky strip and self adhesive velcro dot (I determine placement of velcro dot than used the front flap to determine where to apply sticky strip. The sticky strip placement is important and you do not want it to be below the front flap or it will stick to your box and not allow you to open the box. Refer to picture.).
I find it easier to apply rough part of velcro dot to medallion first. I then attach the soft part of the velcro dot to rough part and close the flap. This helps to ensure proper placement on the box.

Sorry you can’t see the strap. I didn’t even think about the black background when I took the picture and since I don’t have the purse any more I can’t retake the picture. You can see it a little better in the picture of the complete set at the beginning of the post.
I will now tell you how I made the flap for this card purse. I do not have pictures as I did not take them as I was making it but the basic difference is there are no score lines.
Cut patterned paper and cardstock 6″ x 6 1/2″. Use a saucer to draw rounded edge on one 6″ side of both paper and cardstock.
Cut strip of cardstock 1″ x 11″. Use scallop border punch along 1 edge of long side. Run this strip through the crimper (this will allow it to bend easily).
Use sticky strip to attach to underside of rounded edge of patterned paper. I found it easier to start in the middle and do one side then go back and work from the middle out on the other side. Cut off excess.
Cut strip of cardstock 3/8″ x 3 1/2″. Use photo corner punch to form point on one end.
Slide hodge podge hardware up pointed end.
Attach this strip to underside of patterned paper.
Use sticky strip to attach cardstock to underneath of patterned paper. This helps hid the scalloped edge and provide stability.
I also went back and added Crystal Effects under patterned paper as the scalloped edge did not want to stick due to the crimper. This can be done after the purse is complete and then place a piece of wax paper and something heavy on top to help hold it down while it dries.
Attach sticky strip along plain 6″ edge. Attach another row of tap about 1″ away from the other.
Attach flap to purse. I found it easier to attach the bottom strip first then remove the backing of the other strip and attach it.
Cut velcro dot in half and attach rough side to underside of pointed strip so that it is attached to paper and the bar of the hodgepodge hardware.
I find it easier to apply rough part of velcro dot first. I then attach the soft part of the velcro dot to rough part and close the flap. This helps to ensure proper placement on the box.
Close box so it forms a nice rounded top. Use a pencil and make mark 1 1/4″ in on each side.
Use crop-a-dile to attach eyelets.
Cut ribbon about 13″ long. Insert one end of ribbon into eyelet and pull through to underside. Tie a knot and trim edge. Repeat with other side.
Your purse is complete!
Since this is my first tutorial if any of you try this and you find problems or have questions, please let me know so I can edit as needed. Make sure you leave me some comments to let me know what you think!
Since I did the tutorial today I do not have a sketch set this weekend. I will post a card tomorrow and I have another challenge for Sunday. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


  1. Woohoo Robbie, job well done for your first tutorial. I am trying to figure out how to save just the tutorial so that I can refer to it when I am ready to make one. I just love it. Thanks for taking the time to write the tutorial. Sandy

  2. You OUTDID yourself! I'm thrilled to find this tutorial and cannot wait to try it! I'll let you know how I succeed making my first purse with your step-by-step instruction! I thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! Beautiful turquiose & black stylish purse!

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