Monochromatic Card Idea

Hello Ladies ~ are you ready for another Monochromatic Card Idea?  It uses the same set that is my Online Card Class for this month.

Well thanks to Barb I got a lot done yesterday.  I went and had my hair done so I have my pink back in that you will see on Thursday evening during my Facebook Live.  After that I came home and had lunch and then went into the girls bedroom.  I managed to unpack 4 bins.  Barb had come over to bring me a stamp set I wanted for the Facebook Live.  She then helped me organize all my hand towels into 2 bins.  When I finish drying everything I will put all of them in the bins and store them in the garage until the month I need them.  We then went upstairs to the craft room.  We put away a lot of my supplies and got a lot of the bins organized.  I am down to a few boxes which I can tackle over the next few days.  I have a lot space left for storage which I am excited about.  Here is a photo of all the empty boxes and bins from today’s work.





















Then we went out into the garage and went through all the bins I had.  We kept some of the sturdy ones and now I have a ton of bins to give away to anyone who needs it for moving.  I am hoping to get them out of the garage by Thursday.  If not I will take them to the recycling center.  I cannot believe how many bins I had!

Today I have a pretty One Color Wonder for you.  It was fun to use different images and some generation stamping to get different colors.  Here is the video for my Monochromatic Card Idea.




Here is the photo of the card so you can see the fun border I created.

Check out this gorgeous Monochromatic Card Idea creation. Want to know how I made it? Click the photo to see the video.



















inside of card and envelope

This beautiful butterfly is the key image for my Monchromatic Card Idea. Click the photo to see the card and the video showing how I created it.












Stampin’ Up supplies used for my creation


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