Punch Art for Zoie – Spiders

Hello Everyone!

Today’s card is a special one for Zoie.  She is afraid of spiders.  Her dad doesn’t help as he is always teasing her about them being at her feet or on her.  She gets so upset even though it is not true.  When she does see one she moves quite a distance away from them.  I am hoping to give her some fun spiders so she can begin to change her mind about them.

I found a really cute spider card on Pinterest which took me to Glenda Mollet’s blog.  She did not explain what punches she used to make them but I was able to get a rough idea.  After that you just need to punch your circles, draw their dangle lines, and add legs.    

Here is my version of Glenda’s card.

inside of card and envelope

I do not necessarily love spiders but I know they have a place in this world.  That place is not in my home so I always throw them outside where they belong.

Thanks for visiting me today.  Have you made any punch art cards?  I would love to see them.  Have a Great Day!



  1. These wonderful spiders make me giggle…and hope they will make Zoie giggle too….tooo bad her Dad is such a tease…hope she will eventually conquer her fears…at least for the house spiders who eat other bugs…I hate the dark brown/black outdoor spiders…but the Daddy Longlegs are fun! Best of luck!

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